I feel it’s 90’s come back fashion trends this season with overalls. I remember wearing these when I was a kid, too small to style it differently every time(which of course now I can) but overalls ain’t for just kids anymore ! they are back in trend and are all over !!

Overalls/dungarees are so comfortable and relaxed yet so trendy, they are definitely suitable for very occasion for date,sunday brunch with friends or just girls night out if worn in the right way with the right matching items.

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 Overalls can be oversized , structured or more cut out , you can choose whichever suits your body the best ! I go for the structured ones (my personal fav) You can wear them with heels, sneakers,flip flops,slip-ons and it’ll change the look completely! EVERYTIME !!



I wear mine differently every time and this time I teamed  them up with black bardot top (well, it’s one in which the neckline reveals shoulders you can also call it off shoulders ) keeping it casual and going minimal on accessories.(though I’am a sucker for accessories ,which you will know soon)For a more sophisticated look add a jacket on top or do the urban chic and glam version with heels +red nails and lips another way to add chicness to it  can be with heels+white shirt.Heels make it look urban and hot ,sneakers and slip-ons make it look casual and relaxed!