Hey Everyone! I know haven’t been too active on the blog, but surely can’t miss out on the “Fragrance Friday’s” post!
This one is probably one of the most recognizable women’s fragrance (after Chanel mademoiselle, which is like a magnet to my nose).
 ALIEN- a mix of Tunisian Neroli and bergamot tea, which are surprisingly uplifting and fresh, but the deepness of the white amber means a little goes a long way!
And for all of you who can’t understand the jargons- it has a really strong fragrance preferably worn in the evenings.
It stays throughout the day!!! Just one sprintz and you’re good !
                                                   20140225-081046 (1)

Did you know : Mugler is active in environmental causes, so he designed the beautiful ALIEN bottle to be refillable. As a result, he keeps 1,505 tons of bottle waste from landfills each year. Refills of Mugler’s favorite Perfumes happens every seven seconds worldwide!

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