“there are worse things than being alone

but it often takes decades to realise this

and most often when you do

it’s too late
and there’s nothing worse than too late” 
– Charles Bukowski


Hey Everyone !
How are you all doing ? enjoying summer time?? I am sure the wardrobes are going through a change and so is the skin , though I love summers but still don’t like what  it does  to my hair and skin but nevertheless I have my saviours to fix it. So what goes inside your bag at all possible times ?? for me its the Dry shampoo, Hydrating Spray and Mist(will do a post soon on summer beauty staples) Now coming back to the post : I am wearing my favourite shirt from huemn autumn winter 2014 collection which  was inspired by the American Poet and novelist, Charles Bukowski(loved every piece in the collection) …this shirt became my favourite for the boxy structure and the of course the old dirty man –LOVE ! I have paired it with ripped denims(I think this season m swearing by ripped denims) and another big favourites this season – platform sneakers , side sling and black wayfarers -keep it clean keep it simple.The look is all about minimalism and a Poker face as my shirt will do all the talking hahah!