Hey Everyone!
Sports Luxe is nothing but modern, comfy and cool !! Honestly, Isn’t that exactly what we are looking for ? COMFORT meets FASHION. Think Vests, Bomber Jackets, Jersey dress,Sneakers and  Trainers. It’s a fashionable wearable look with a spirit of athleticism. The trend is the ‘go to’ look for an effortless yet fashionable appearance.

FACT : Did you know that the trend of sportswear meets high-end fashion dates back to the 1920s where designers such as Coco Chanel and Jean Patou, created jersey swimsuits for woman and helped popularise the look. The trend  never really left the fashion industry since then. Sports luxe pieces are wearable with a mix of styles,fabrics and contrasting textures.Despite this trend being here for a while now it still remains my favourite one, after all who doesn’t love fashion with comfort!

Few staple pieces that I believe everyone should own for the “go to ” look would be Jersey dress, Trainers, Caps, Scotch pants, Bomber Jackets.coming to my look I have teamed my jersey dress (easily transforms from day to night) with sneakers and a matching sling bag.
Don’t forget minimal is the key !