The past few months have been really hectic keeping me busy with a lot of work ,which is a good sign but I needed a break to give more time to the blog … and finally delhi rains helped me do exactly that !!  Of course  didn’t stop the city like Mumbai but definitely made me put all my work on hold. What I love on a rainy day is to sit by the window andw sip on some coffee with maggie…which won’t be possible now (SIGH !!) …. Also this can happen only when m luckily home !!!
But as I was out for a meeting with my photographer-friend, we decided to stop by and sip some coffee with pizza (second best thing… To maggi of course ) at one of our favourite places in the city.Best part of working with friends is you get to chill and work together (I mean what can be better than that !! ) …. also the reason of sharing this post is the pictures ,somehow I love them and HAD TO SHARE THEM WITH YOU…So on a weather as wonderful as Delhi rains.. I am wearing a shirt dress from ILK by Shikha and Vinita which was bought lil while back because I fell in love with the style and the flower details on it,this piece is so versatile and weather friendly  that can be worn in so many different ways…..On this day, I wore it as a cape /buttoned down and paired  with tank top and pencil skirt ,added pearls that forms a perfect symphony with the flower details !!
This dress can also be worn buttoned up with brogues ,tucked in pencil skirt for that sharp look or just the way I have worn it.. For a more casual vibe !!
Details make a great difference to the overall look , depending on the shoes and accessories you pair with your attire !!
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