Hey Everyone

 Wish you all a very happy 2016 !
 Lately I’ve been getting a lot of request to do a work wear look.So I decided it to be the first post of the year and  make all my reader happy! Think of your work clothes as a costume to help you play your part – a perfectly fitted suit or smart business dress can give you the confidence to help you succeed.  It may sound like a silly notion, but yes, it works.  By taking care of your appearance, you are caring about your self-respect and the image that you portray and by looking good, you’ll feed good too.To break this basic notion that only structured business dress or a fitted suit can make a sharp statement I decided to go for a more casual yet crisp look.Work wear shouldn’t be only about those fitted,tailored look.Opt for different pieces to add some more element to your wardrobe.
I chose a crisp white shirt(you can never go wrong with) worn with a slouchy sweater, to keep up with the weather and the trend.Rolled up the trouser to add that little grunge and of course high heels to add that instant sharpeness to my rather casual look. Always add accessories to finish the look. Hope you all like my take on it.