Hey guys! So this post is about the smartest cleansing brush I’ve ever tried.
I’ll be honest I was in two minds about writing this post, but after using it solidly for three months, I am ready to share my thoughts.

So when I started using it I didn’t expect the device to spin any magic, assuming the worst case scenario will be that it won’t make any difference. But, three months of daily use; I do see a remarkable difference and I’m officially loving my bare skin or as most people say no-makeup face. The LUNA 2


has now become a part of my daily cleansing routine and I can’t see not cleaning my face everyday with it, especially doing my P.M regime.

My P.M skincare routine for Combination skin:

You all know my love for skincare products, sobelow are some of my top recommendations for a Combination skin type:

Step 1:
I first take my make-up off at night using my trusted wipes from Sephora.

Step 2:
I then use the LUNA 2 for my second cleanse with my Himalaya Neem face wash. And the result? My skin does feel noticeably softer. Ludicrously soft, actually.

Step 3:

Moisturising is very critical, especially after a regular deep cleansing routine.
Some of the products I use are Pixi beauty, Clinique etc.

Details of which I’ve stated and shown below

So, what is the LUNA 2 by FOREO?
If you’re with me on Instagram then probably by now you know that I am all positive about LUNA 2 . For more details, check out my Skincare highlight.

The LUNA 2 is a silicone bristle-based skincare device that uses gentle pulsations to deep cleanse one’s skin by gently removing dirt, oil and makeup residue.

The cleansing brush, is an upgraded version of the LUNA mini 2- in the market, and what makes the former different is that it has both the cleansing brush and anti ageing side. Yes, two powerful skincare requisites in one.

How to use it?

It’s actually very simple, if you followed my ‘Step by Step guide to using LUNA 2’ on Instagram stories posted last week, then you’re already aware of it.

For those, who are new, below is the procedure:

Step 1:
First wet you face or LUNA 2 device (yes it is 100% waterproof, and the silicon bristles also help to prevent bacteria build up- so don’t worry about your skin getting affected due to the trapped moisture or resultant bacteria build up in the device, coz that isn’t the case )

Step 2:
Apply your trusted face wash on your face or device. The device comes with a tiny button, which on pressing initiates the pulsations.
You’ll also notice a (+) and (-) sign- the purpose of these signs, is to increase or decrease the intensity of the pulsations, based on whatever you deem fit for your skin. I have personally kept the intensity at ‘3’

LUNA2 by Foreo is a facial cleansing brush with adjustable intensities of pulsation to deep cleanse the pores.

LUNA 2 by FOREO is a facial cleansing brush with adjustable intensities of pulsations to deep cleanse the pores

Once the device is on, just gently glide the LUNA 2 over your face in circular motions, and let it do the job. Mind it, do not apply pressure at your end, as if you were scrubbing my face with the device. JUST GLIDE, and let it do the magic! 🙂


I usually use my LUNA 2, with my Himalaya neem face wash or Clinique Liquid Facial soap to deal with my Combination skin

Step 3: After cleansing for roughly about a minute, you can wash your face, and pat dry. This is when you will feel your skin to be as smooth as a baby’s bum. I kid you not!

Now, comes the next part:

Step 4: Moisturising after a thorough wash, especially after a regular deep cleansing routine. I LOVE using the anti ageing side(whenever I do, which isn’t too often), which is on the flipside of the silicon bristles. This really works in and gently massages my facial oils and treatments into my skin, before bedtime.
I don’t use the massage setting everyday, but I do try to make time for it when I need a little boost.

The “anti-ageing mode”, if used with consistency can gradually help in diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but as a 20-something, it’s not something I’ve used thus far but what I personally like about it is that it helps with intense absorption of the moisturiser, and the gentle pulsations also help to massage my face, and improve blood circulation.

Ithe anti-ageing side of LUNA2, with its gentle pulsation massages the face, and helps in better absorption of my moisturisers and serums.

The anti ageing side of LUNA 2, with it’s gentle pulsations massages the face, and helps in better absorption of my moisturisers and serums

For more details, do check out this little video I recently did on ‘How to use the LUNA 2 by FOREO’


How to use LUNA 2 

My experience with LUNA 2 by FOREO versus CLARISONIC MIA 2

Purpose & utility wise, it’s sort of similar to the Clarisonic facial cleansing brush, except you’ll never have to buy a replacement brush head and worry about the LUNA 2 storing on the dirt particles and bacteria deposits.

Also, speaking from personal experience, I found the Clarisonic brush to be too harsh and abrasive on my skin because of its nylon bristles, even when on the lowest setting. Plus, there was always a constant stress of keeping the brush clean for use! I mean you want the product to be absolutely low maintenance after all.

My Verdict:

Does it work?
It did for me! Obviously, I never talk to you guys about anything that i don’t believe in. Yes, I’m not a dermatologist and everyone’s skin is different, but after months of daily use here’s how the LUNA2 improved my skin:
-My breakouts are now few and far between.
-The texture of my skin is baby soft. No more rough patches! My face feels smooth all over and I no longer need to use any exfoliating products.(This also my fav part)
-Bye-bye dullness.
-My skin feels sooo much cleaner. This may be due to the fact that I’m actually taking the time to thoroughly wash my face and follow the regime everyday!
-It gives my skin that deep-clean “I just got a facial” feeling every single time.


Is it worth the investment?

Over the years, I have come to realise that any good investment in your skincare will always feel worth it in the long run!
Yes, FOREO products, including the LUNA 2 does work out to be on the expensive side, either in dollars or rupees. I was extremely skeptical of picking this up to be honest, but as a bride-to-be, while I do have my home remedies to assist me with and take care of my skin- there was a need for a quick fix solution to my cleansing and regular skincare routine.

After extensive research, I realised that our hands are not enough for cleansing our face, because obviously deep cleansing isn’t possible. And, regular exfoliation and scrubbing through face packs and scrubs also leads to dryness, hence this did seem like a viable option and investment.

For the three months that I have used the LUNA 2, i have not charged it even once, it has become a travel essential, and is also definitely going into my Bridal trousseau.


So, the LUNA 2 is a complete YAY from my side, and trust me- for all brides-to-be, you will love my recommendation even more given how much our skin goes through, during the whole process of Wedding preps.

Hope you found this blog helpful, for more details on the product you can find them below:

In Sephora in stores and online, click here
On foreo.com, click here